PRODUCT INFOHexalobular-gaugeのご紹介




  1. 日本語版

  2. Hexalobular GO/NOGO gauge is a gauge to inspect Torx hole has been machined properly.Each gauge is designed to be held by hand and inserted into the torx hole. If the NOGO-gauge(red) fits, then the hole is too large and the part fails inspection. If the GO-gauge(blue) fits, then the hole is the right size and the part will pass inspection. If the hole was too small the GO-gauge would not have fit inside.

    Hexalobular gauge can support an inspection operator to efficiently perform an inspection work at an inspection place.

  3. Stop inspection uses two types of gauges,JIS standards.
    1. NOGO-gauge for dimensions A and Ge
    2. NOGO-gauge for dimension B
    Our Hexalobular gauge is "1. NOGO-gauge for dimension A and Ge"
  4. What is the Hexalobular ?
    ⇑ Screw maker NBK Corporation make that easy-to-visually-understand.

  5. When you use Hexalobular gauge do not increase high pressure to side-direction and rotatory direction. It causes the gauge damage.

  6. It is available as a gauge for the bolts with the Fumble prevent button-pin.

  7. In the case of the delivery, We attach a measurement list of the 0.001 mm unit.
    We can attach a certificate of the measuring equipment if  you want. (separately an expense)

  8. It depends on having stock or not on delivery date, but it is 10-15 days after an order.


SKD-11Over HRC60
No.6-GO/NOGO-GAUGEGO / NOGOJIS B 1015:2008詳細はこちら
No.8-GO/NOGO-GAUGEGO / NOGOJIS B 1015:2008詳細はこちら
No.10-GO/NOGO-GAUGEGO / NOGOJIS B 1015:2008詳細はこちら
No.15-GO/NOGO-GAUGEGO / NOGOJIS B 1015:2008詳細はこちら
No.20-GO/NOGO-GAUGEGO / NOGOJIS B 1015:2008詳細はこちら
No.25-GO/NOGO-GAUGEGO / NOGOJIS B 1015:2008詳細はこちら
No.30-GO/NOGO-GAUGEGO / NOGOJIS B 1015:2008詳細はこちら
No.40-GO/NOGO-GAUGEGO / NOGOJIS B 1015:2008詳細はこちら